Beauty and charm wrapped in coats of many colors
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This page was last updated: March 1, 2016
Cockatiels by Shannon
Welcome visitors! You'll find our current Cockatiel breeders on this page with updated status messages. If there are any adults available they will be listed FOR SALE here. If you are looking for a handfed pet cockatiel check out our now available page for more information.

Lucian and Citrine
WF Cinnamon Lutino
SLYC Pearl

I'm still considering this pairing. He may yet end up with one of the other young girls. I'm still waiting to see if any strike his fancy.
Piper and Flutter
PF Fallow and Fallow

Piper and Flutter are a sweet devoted pair with outgoing personalities with both people and other birds.

They currently have one baby in the nest and a couple more that are already weaned.
Doodle and Cutie
DYC Pearl Pied 
DYC Cinnamon pied

This is a new pairing which looks very promising. Doodle is a funny as ever and Cutie is falling fast for his charm.

Willy and Opal
Whiteface Pearl & Whiteface Pearl

This has become one of my favorite pairs. They are calm and tame with people and fantastic parents who let me co-parent their babies.
Fival and Baby
Fallow and Pied

Fival and Baby are a great  bonded pair that has proven themselves very fertile with clutches of 4 to 6 babies in fallow, cinnamon, pearl, pied, pastelface and whiteface.
DD and Sweetie Pie
DYC Pied & Pied

After Sweetie lost her older mate she fell for a much younger boy. I'm a sucker for romance so I set them up and they have proven to be a wonderful pair that produces fantastic babies.
Malachite and Sunstone
SLYC Emerald Pearl

This may wind up being a longterm pairing but for now I'm hoping that Mal can teach Sun to be a good parent.
Francis and Lucy
PF Cinnamon Fallow?
WF Cinnamon Lutino

I'm actually not sure what color Francis really is. He appears to be a black eyed pf fallow.  Hopefully this pairing will shine some light on it.
Onyx and Fifi
WF Pearl
PF Fallow Pearl