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This page was last updated: February 27, 2016
bonding pair
Kujo & Kali
(pineapple & pineapple)

Kujo is a hand fed and very spoiled pet. Kali is a parent-raised semi-tame hen. Together they should produce beautiful pineapple babies.

status: bonding

bonding pair
Kilroy & Kimi
(pineapple & cinnamon)

Kilroy was handfed. He's very sweet and usually shy around people but he loves nothing more than to play and be silly in the flight cage while we all laugh at his antics. Kimi is a sweet girl with him. She was parent raised and not so interested or trusting in people yet. I'm looking forward to the pretty pineapple daughters and cinnamon sons, they'll produce.

status: bonding

Shannon's Green Cheek Conures
Welcome visitors! You'll find our current conure breeders on this page with updated status messages. If there are any adults available they will be listed FOR SALE here. If you are looking for a handfed pet conure check out our now available page for more information.

single male

Kasey is a very pretty normal male. He was parent raise, and not tame but his antics playing were a joy to watch.

status: SOLD