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Phoenix Feathers Birdseed Cleaner

A hand-crafted economical product to end wasted birdseed!
Save money on your birdseed!

Stop throwing out the perfectly good seed your birds leave in the bottom of the cup. I know that my birds tend to eat the seed at the top of the cup and never get to the seed at the bottom.

Most birdseed cleaners cost between $115 to $150. This simple birdseed cleaner will save you money from the time you purchase it. Handmade from durable PVC pipe it is simple to use and very cost effective.

I adapted it from instructions I found on the Internet and found it does a great job of saving uneaten seed from my own healthy birds. Do not ever clean the seed from the cage of a sick bird, as disease could then be spread to your other birds.

It is so simple to use. You can permanently install it on the wall of your bird room by attaching it to the wall at a height to allow a clean container to be set under it. You will need a vaccuum cleaner with a hose. The standard sized hose fits snugly in the top of the seed cleaner.

Turn on the vaccuum and slowly pour the used seed into the funnel. The vaccuum will suck the hulls up and the heavier good seed will fall into the container below. You will be surprised at how much "chaff" is cleaned from the seed. Some of the heavier sunflower shells may be left, but this is unavoidable as the good smaller seeds would be sucked up too if any stronger suction is applied. However you will save so much good seed that it is worth it to have a few sunflower shells left in the mix. I then mix new seed with the cleaned seed to keep the quality of the food high. My seed cleaner has greatly reduced my feed bill.

I use a "shop vac" from Lowe's that fits onto a five gallon bucket. The shop vac was under $20 before tax and the bucket was only a couple of dollars more. It works well for me and since it uses no sweeper bag I just remove the vac from the bucket and empty it into my garden or feed the used seeds to the chickens.

See how much hulls and chaff was cleaned from one gallon of used seeds.

I can ship you the seed cleaner for $40. This includes free shipping in the continental United States, unless USPS increases fees. If you pre-order and pick up at a bird fair I am attending, or live locally and arrange to pick up, the cost will be $35.

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or call me at 724-478-3428
The pictured cleaners show a funnel attached to the cleaner. I have found no glue that will permanently attach the plastic funnel to PVC pipe, so I have discontinued including it unless the purchaser desires it. The opening into the cleaner is quite large enough to pour the seed into, and since the seed must be poured in slowly anyway, the funnel is actually not necessary. The choice is yours.